Skoda Enyaq vRS - Worst Car of The Week
With The Enyaq Coupe vRS, Skoda is Aiming To Fly Before It Can Crawl
Worst Car of the Week

Do not buy the electric Skoda Enyaq Coupe vRS. Do not consider paying £51K of your money on a Skoda Enyaq Coupe vRS. With the Enyak Coupe vRS, Skoda is demonstrating that it is attempting to run before it can crawl, fly before it is pushed off the cliff edge. We tested the award-winning VW ID4 and concluded that the only aspect of modern electric car life it is ready for is being used as a shopping trolley. It’s all to do with the range. Turn on the ID4’s heating system, vital for the winter months, and the electric range is effectively cut in half. The Enyak Coupe vRS will suffer a similar fate. The claimed 309-mile range will drop to 155 miles. And we are being generous.

Buy the Skoda Enyaq Coupe vRS if you want to own a well-executed piece of modern design, and display it in your living room. Don’t buy it for the meager 300bhp and 460Nm power. Don’t buy it for the illuminated crystal face grille, don’t buy it for the 20-inch alloy wheels or for the vRS leather-trimmed sports seats.

You are better off buying and investing in modern art or NFTs because you are guaranteed to make a profit. With the Enyaq Coupe vRS, you will lose money quicker than flushing it down a toilet. You can not call it a performance car if it doesn’t perform. Save your money, save yourself or spend it on actually saving the planet, if you are so inclined.

We say buy a Tesla Model 3 Long Range, it is £3K cheaper, more powerful, has superior range and can supercar the 0-62mph time in 4.2 seconds. It really is that simple, buy a Tesla Model 3, ignore the technology demonstrator that is the Enyaq Coupe vRS, it is simply the worst ever car of the week.

Skoda Enyaq vRS - Worst Car of The Week
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