Car Modifications
Enhance The Performance of Your Car With These Modifications
The automotive industry is all about customization. Car enthusiasts all over the world modify their cars for a variety of reasons. Some owners modify their cars purely for aesthetic reasons, while others are also interested in how they can enhance the performance of their vehicles. For people seeking to spruce up their car’s performance, there are some fairly simple modifications you can make. Here are some suggestions on how to enhance the performance of your car:

Engine Control Unit (ECU) Tuning

One modification that helps enhance the performance of your car involves modifying the engine control unit, or ECU. You can have your existing ECU tuned for a specific purpose, such as fuel economy or performance. It is mostly done to increase the performance of your vehicle. When installing a better air intake system, tuning the engine control unit is an essential step. Man Servicing Engine - Daily Car Blog You will need to be mindful not to void your car’s manufacturer warranty by enhancing your car’s engine control unit. If this is not of concern to you, then this is something you can easily bypass. Some ECU manufacturers have designed piggyback ECUs, which are made to intercept the signals from the car’s standard device. They can fool the car’s sensors by giving false signals. Some ECU manufacturers will be outright that it may void the warranty, and this is entirely up to the decision of the owner, as seen in this guide by Revo Software.

Free Flow Exhaust System

Many vehicles have a process designed to make the exhaust gases less harmful to the environment. These methods can hamper the performance of your vehicle. The exhaust gases from your car’s engine have to pass through various catalytic converters before the gasses can be expelled into the air. Catalytic convertors - installation - Dailycarblog If you want to enhance the performance of your car with a modification, consider purchasing an aftermarket exhaust to increase your car’s performance!

OBD2 Scanner

Another thing you can do to help enhance your car’s performance is to purchase an OBD2 Scanner. An OBD2 scanner is a small handheld device that enables you to diagnose potential problems with your vehicle. It can read your car’s diagnostic codes and tell you where something may be going wrong. Purchasing one of these scanners is an excellent way to save money and help you diagnose and fix basic problems without having to go to a mechanic. Not sure where to start when it comes to buying an OBD2 Scanner? Check out this guide to find the best OBD2 scanner. You will save both time and money in the long run! This guide compares and contrasts some of the top OBD2 scanners on the market.

Bigger Brakes and Braided Brake Lines

Another popular car modification to enhance performance is changing the braking system from the one that comes standard in your car. The standard braking system includes several components, including brake lines, brake pads, and brake rotors. Each of these components can be altered and changed to enhance the performance of your car. BMW M5 CS Competition - F90 - Brakes - Daily Car Blog One modification, known as braiding the brake lines, can really cause your brakes to have less bulging and make your brakes feel better. This modification can often be pricey, but many car owners indicate it makes a huge difference in the performance of their vehicle.


Camshafts are a vehicle part that enables your car’s engine to work by opening the valves in the crankshaft. A camshaft can increase your vehicle’s horsepower. These metal rotating parts have one or two bumps across them which are referred to as cam lobes. These parts help to determine when air goes in and out of the combustion chamber at specific times. Changing your camshafts can enhance your vehicle’s performance and horsepower. It could even equate to up to 30 horsepower!

Cold Air Intake

The temperature of the air that feeds into your engine can affect its overall performance. Since cold air is denser than warm air, it comes with more oxygen into the engine for more dynamic combustion. Cold Air Intake, American Muscle, Dailycarblog You can modify your car by adding a cold-air intake system. These can be purchased online, depending on the specific make and model of your car. This generally ranges from between $100 to $800 to purchase a new cold-air intake system. Modifications can take our cars from good to great and add that certain “wow factor” that many car enthusiasts are looking for. These six enhancements can help make your vehicle more powerful and exciting to drive. If you have any questions about the above modifications or would like to chat about another kind of modification, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.Car Modifications
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