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Former Carthrottle Host Alex Kerston Becomes Auto Alex

After 10 years of fronting Carthrottle Alex Kerston has left the White Bear Yard building to set up his own YouTube channel. Kerston, or big Al as we affectionately call him, became the face of Carthrottle like Emma Radacanu is current the face of Tiffany’s. He now refers to himself as a freelancer, the automotive YouTuber equivalent of Lassie. In a similar modus operandi to Lassie, Kerston will roam lands hither and tither in search of people to help and share stories of his adventures. All without stopping to take a random dump or mark his territory.

Within hours of setting up his Auto Alex YouTube channel, hundreds of thousands of views poured in like a Tsunami. Then followed an avalanche of subscribers, 40K became over 200k just two days later. Clearly, Big Al’s Carthrottle fans have amassed at the Auto Alex border.

Big Al will continue to provide content for Carthrotle, however, his YouTube channel will allow him to engage with other brands. Translated this means Big Al will be floating on a reservoir of cash in no short time.

Furthermore, Big Al will also earn a windfall from his YouTube advertising partnership. More revenue streams mean Big Al will eventually need a private banker to off-shore his newfound wealth.

Kerston revealed that he once worked at Autocar before joining Carthrottle. A fly-on-the-wall told us years ago that Kerston found his time at Autocar a little bit frustrating. From what we were told Kerston’s Autocar T-Shirt always felt one size too small.

When he joined Carthrottle at its baby-step stage Alex Kerston took a big risk. But it paid off. By setting up his own YouTube channel he is taking another risk, and it will reward him handsomely.

We’ve subscribed to Auto Alex and recommend you subscribe. GO ON!

Carthrottle Alex Kerston Auto Alex
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