Stelvio Pass in a Lamborghini
The 6 Best Driving Roads in The World Revealed

Daily Car Blog has identified the 6 best driving roads in the world. Our favorite route is the Stelvio Pass in Italy, famed for its dramatic scenery and hairpin bends was voted the road most motorists would like to drive, followed by the Amalfi Coast Road in Italy and the Great Ocean Road in Australia.

What’s your favorite driving route? If you can’t decide maybe any of the below suggestions might spark a bit of inspiration.

1. Stelvio Pass, Italy

The Stelvio Pass in the Tyrolean alps combines stunning mountain scenery with a series of tight switchbacks as drivers climb up the mountain.

2. Great Ocean Road, Australia

Australia’s Great Ocean road snakes its way along the country’s South coast, combining long winding turns with lush green scenery and ocean views with long stretches of open road and gentle corners to enjoy.

3. Trollstigen, Norway

Only open during late spring, summer and early autumn months, the Trollstigen, or Troll Path, features winding corners and straights before tightening into a series of hairpins as the road climbs higher into the mountains in the Norwegian fjords.

4. San Bernardino Pass, Switzerland

The San Bernardino Pass can be completed via the old mountain road or a new tunnel. Those opting for the twisty road are greeted with a stunning alpine lake that leads to long straights and very tight hairpin corners.

5. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

The 5.15 mile Atlantic Ocean Road snakes its way across the Norwegian archipelago, with a series of bridges connecting the small islands that sit between its start and end points. There are plenty of places to stop for photos, and even a small café on the road to enjoy the view of the Atlantic Ocean.

6. Sylvensteinspeicher, Isar Valley, Germany

While the Black Forest is often the go-to road in Germany, the Sylvensteinspeicher in the Isar Valley is also worth a trip. Near the Austrian border, it features similar long stretches of open road, surrounded by woodlands and forests as well as beautiful alpine mountains.

Stelvio Pass in a Lamborghini
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