Nissan Ariya review by MKBHD
Tech Nerd MKBHD Gives The Nissan Ariya A Big Thumbs Down

Ultra tech nerd YouTuber MKBHD gets behind the wheel of a pre-production all-electric Nissan Ariya. And just like all of us here at DCBHQ, MKBHD reveals that he doesn’t do Nissan, in so far as he does not rate Nissan very highly at all. But he says so in a diplomatic way. There is a good reason why you should not consider buying a Nissan… they are nothing more than a Renault.

Nevertheless, the Nissan Ariya has piqued the interest of MKBHD’s technerdistis. Remember MKBHD drives a Tesla which remains the benchmark for electric cars, so he has a good reference point. And the Ariya is good but not quite good enough, indeed MKBHD openly admits he would not buy one if he had the choice.

Any motoring journalist would never admit to not buying a car they have been given to review. Why? because negative commentary could lead to them being blacklisted. Why do you think DCBHQ never features Nissan, if only very rarely or in a negative light?

Anyway, we agree with MKBHD, don’t buy the Nissan Ariya, watch the video to find out why.

Nissan Ariya review by MKBHD
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