Elon Musk talking to Ted
Sterile Corporate Monolith Stellantis Suspends Twitter Advertising
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It is a sterile entity and monosyllabic in its approach to corporate communications, it is a sloth of the automotive world trying to dad-dance its way into the electric car era. It is better known as sterile corporate monolith Stellantis, which has decided to show its ethical side by suspending its Twitter advertising campaign. This move by sterile corporate monolith Stellantis isn’t a show of solidarity for the people. The monosyllabic corporate zombie currently faces prosecution over manipulating emissions data from its diesel engine cars. Covering up your rate of pollution, and your criminal activity, while hiding behind a carefully constructed and wholesome image of caring for the environment is anything but ethical.

So why is sterile corporate monolith Stellantis suspending its Twitter ad campaign? As you may well be aware Elon Musk recently purchased twitter for $44 Billion USD. Musk’s celebrity/media status is often manipulated in the same manner sterile corporate monolith Stellantis manipulated its diesel emissions. However, the mischaracterization of Musk as a kamikaze right-wing figure plays a small part in a bigger picture.

This is sterile corporate monolith Stellantis’ chance to impune Elon Musk’s reputation, with the real target being Tesla. By standing up to Elon Musk, sterile corporate monolith Stellantis is hoping the residual, if short-term, publicity will draw buyers away from considering purchasing a Tesla to switching over to buying a sterile corporate monosyllabic product made by Stellantis.

The move by sterile corporate monolith Stellantis is a clear indication that it can not compete directly with Tesla or Elon Musk. This is all the legacy car manufacturers really have to offer, innovation and original thinking skills have long remained dormant and forever will be.

Elon Musk talking to Ted
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