Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny
Indiana Jones 5, And The Vintage Cars of Destiny

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, the next exciting installment following the adventures of Professor Jones, is due to hit the big screen in July 2023. The fifth movie will see Dr. Jones apparently time shifting back to his younger self. One hopes the movie is better than the title and plot line suggests. As one screen critic put it, going back in time is like hitting the “nuclear option”.

Being Indy fans we’ll watch it regardless. The Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny trailer swept the internet 1 day ago (yesterday, 10 days ago, 2 years ago… hello if you are reading this in 2045). Movie trailers are meant to cause a buzz of excitement, and it seems to have worked, the next Indy movie looks great. Dr. Jones AKA Harrison Ford is nearing 80 and still jumping around like a spring chicken.

Whether Dr. Jones will need to take a nap during a predictably tense fight scene would make for a very realistic moment. But movies are not about realism, they are about recreating reality as much as taking the audience on a meandering barely believable narrative.

After watching the trailer we noticed a couple of vintage cars spanning the late early 40s and late 60s. The Jaguar Mk2 made a very brief appearance in one action-packed frame. This is a fitting interlude because an Indiana Jones movie is about taking the audience on a ride.

One could argue Jaguar Cars has been taking its audience on a ride for the past 20 years. Anyway, we can’t wait for the next Indy movie, we can only hope it isn’t a car crash the Crystal Skull ended up being.

Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny
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