Giorgia Meloni - Italian Prime Minister
Italy’s Prime Minister Rejects EU 2035 Combustion Engine Ban
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Italy’s newest Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni believes the European Union’s 2035 combustion engine ban will have a detrimental impact on Italy’s economy and “makes no sense”. Fiat is one of Italy’s biggest manufacturers and is dragging its feet over the adoption of making the switch to pure electric vehicles. Meloni is effectively acting as a spokesperson for Italy’s automotive industry.

At a recent press conference, Meloni said of the 2035 combustion engine ban:

“That is not reasonable, and I think there is also a certain alignment by other European countries on our position.”

Meloni has but one ally within the EU, Thierry Breton the Internal Market Commissioner said last year that the EU’s mandated pathway to zero emissions and electric cars poses a risk to vehicle affordability and employment.

Breton is advocating for the continuation of combustion engine vehicle manufacturing beyond 2035. A review clause cited for 2026 creates a legal framework that could allow the EU to extend the 2035 deadline.

Meanwhile, Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister said of the 2035 ban:

“The risk is that of a pseudo-environmental fundamentalism that doesn’t help the environment but leaves tens of thousands of workers without a job. Outlawing petrol and diesel cars by 2035 while calling for a switch to Euro7 standards by 2025 makes no economic, environmental or social sense,”

Giorgia Meloni - Italian Prime Minister
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