Rolls Royce Record 2022 Sales
Rolls Royce Record 2022 Sales Year Shows The Gap Between The Rich And Poor is Growing
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Rolls Royce recently revealed it enjoyed a record sales year in 2022. The self-styled house of luxury made and sold over 6,021 ultra-luxury cars. How can this be when much of the Western world is in the grip of austerity, where a pandemic has obliterated businesses and recovery is slow. How can Rolls Royce, through the release of its financials, stand there and boast about achieving its best-ever trading year when the vast majority of people are struggling with a so-called cost of living crisis.

The current cost of the living crisis started nearly 40 years when corporations and governments decided to work together and suppress wages. Why? in very simple lay terms it’s about retaining a competitive labor force and funneling as much profit to the top as possible. The term competitive is another way of saying cheap labor, i.e. low wages, i.e. wage suppression.

In real terms, the average wage has declined over the last 40 years. We are now at the apex of that tsunami of wage suppression. A new lexicon has been coined to hide the use of the term “wage suppression”. It’s called a cost of living crisis. The pandemic didn’t cause a cost of living crisis, it is but a very minor symptom.

As the basic living wage is being squeezed, as the use of food banks escalates and the BBC tells us to shower at the gym to save money. Amidst all of this Rolls Royce enjoys a record sales year in 2022 during the lingering end effects of a global pandemic. This alone is proof the rich of society are now truly untouchable no matter the state of the economy.

I remember a time when Rolls Royce didn’t need to boast in such a way, it’s bad manners for a company whose clients, I assume a vast majority, prefer discretion. A Rolls Royce product is beautifully made and engineered, but maybe the PR folks should have thought twice about this kind of boastful PR in the current cost-of-living climate, it leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Perhaps it was better to privately email Rolls Royce customers past, present, and future and give them the good news about 2022. Or let BMW announce the annual results in a short paragraph. Rolls Royce has merely served to demonstrate that the gap between the rich and the poor is growing out of control.

Rolls Royce Record 2022 Sales
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