MKBHD reviews the 2023 Mercedes EQC
Wait, What? The Mercedes EQS is A Big Thumbs Down For MKBHD

Ultra tech nerd and popular YouTuber MKBHD tested the Mercedes EQS electric SUV and didn’t like it. It’s just not for him says he. MKBHD likes the EQS’s luxury and comfort but it doesn’t have the sportiness and technology that appeals to a tech reviewer. The EQS has an electric range of 280 miles, not great for a car costing over $130K, and it also shows Mercedes EV technology is behind the curve.

Another aspect that MKBHD dislikes is the Mercedes infotainment system known as Hyperscreen which is actually three separate screens encased in a single sheet of glass. It looks cool, but as MKBHD points out there is a difference between capability and intuitiveness, the EQC’s infotainment system is lacking in the latter.

Another issue that bugs MKBHD is the regenerative braking system which is semi-automated. The brake pedal moves when Intelligent mode is engaged which is unsettling for the YouTuber. Nevertheless, people are buying the EQS because it focuses on luxury, but as a package of luxury and technology, the EQS isn’t for MKBHD.

MKBHD reviews the 2023 Mercedes EQC
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