2023 Ferrari Roma China Edition - Its about style
This Ferrari Roma Was Tailor Made For China
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Ferrari is celebrating its 30th anniversary in mainland China by unveiling a one-of-a-kind Tailor Made Ferrari Roma. The new Roma draws inspiration from traditional Chinese aesthetics and craftsmanship through the many personalisation options offered by the Ferrari Tailor Made programme, and is a tribute to the brand’s milestones over the last thirty years.

The one-of-a–kind Tailor Made Roma was designed by Ferrari in collaboration with Chinese designer Jiang Qiong’er through the Ferrari Tailor Made programme, which provides a unique customised experience featuring a diverse array of specification options and bespoke design solutions. Clients are assisted by a team of Ferrari designers to create a model that reflects their individuality and taste while upholding the aesthetic standards of the Ferrari brand.

2023 Ferrari Roma China Edition - Front Q

Jiang Qiong’er, together with Ferrari took inspiration from classic Chinese aesthetics and fused concepts and expertise to achieve a synthesis of Italian design philosophy and Chinoiserie Chic.

2023 Ferrari Roma China Edition - Rear

The new car is coated with eye-catching contrasting colours: Sanusilver Matte and Rosso Magma Glossy, the latter paying homage to the traditional Chinese carmine red. The stripes running along the body and through the interior are inspired by characteristic features from classical Ming Dynasty furniture. It brings together traditional Chinese-inspired detailing and the sophisticated Italian artistry of the original model. 2023 Ferrari Roma China Edition - Interior It also features carbon-fibre sills with the Tailor Made dedication, a key case painted in red- and gold-spotted Boluo lacquer, an ancient Chinese technique known for its unique textured finish, as well as a dedication plate engraved with the Chinese characters for “30”. 2023 Ferrari Roma China Edition - Front This gold dedication plate is inlaid with jade and has symbolic significance: in ancient Chinese culture, gold symbolises wealth and good fortune, while jade indicates purity and gentleness. Both are synonymous with good wishes and reverence. The 620-cv turbo-charged V8 resides unchanged at the heart of the Roma, but this special edition isn’t about power. The Tailor Made Ferrari Roma is about celebrating traditional Chinese aesthetics with Roma’s inherent Italian style.

2023 Ferrari Roma China Edition - Its about style
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