Bizzarrini Redeemer Concept Sketch
Bizzarrini The Jesus of Italian Sports Car Companies Reveals Redeemer Concept
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The auto industry is over 100 years old and during this period, many companies have existed and many have faltered out of existence only to be resurrected by rich patrons many decades later. Bizzarrini is one such sports car company that existed, failed and after a few stalled attempts, it is being resurrected. But wait, of all the automotive brands Bizzarrini is perhaps one you’ve never heard of before. Quick history lesson, Bizzarrini was founded in 1964 by a former Ferrari engineer, Giotto Bizzarrini, and went out of business in 1969. During his time at Ferrari, Bizzarrini was involved in developing the 250 GTO.

The assets of Bizzarrini were recently purchased by Rezam Al Roumi a Kuwait national who runs his Alroumi Group Holdings family business. Alroumi Group Holdings is one of the largest, privately owned conglomerates in the Middle East. Rezam Al Roumi, a former Aston Martin Chairman, is listed as the owner of Swiss-based Pegasus Automotive Group, a prestige automotive dealership.

Bizzarrini Redeemer Concept - Front

Pegasus Automotive Group is the investment vehicle being used to leverage Bizzarrini’s resurrection. Is Bizzarirni a rich man’s folly? Yes of course. It is impossible to say how long Bizzarrini will be in existence but we’ll enjoy it while it’s around. Production of a modern Bizzarrini hypercar will of course be low-volume, bespoke limited editions. And of course extremely expensive.

Bizzarrini Redeemer Concept - Details

Don’t expect state-of-the-art Rimac rivaling EV technology, Bizzarrini has confirmed they will be using naturally aspirated V12 customer engines supplied by Lamborghini. The company has appointed auto industry veterans to lead the design, development and engineering. Chris Poirrit a former Aston Martin, Tesla, and Rimac engineer was appointed as Bizzarrini’s CTO.

Bizzarrini Redeemer Concept next to 1965 5300 GT

Bizzarrini marked its relaunch last year with the hand-built limited revival production run of the 1965 5300 GT Corsa. Just 24 examples were made. The 5300 GT Corsa is powered by a 400bhp and 525NmV8 front-mid engine. The chassis features an independent rear suspension and all-round disc brakes and a 50:50 weight distribution. At just 1250 kg, the 5300 GT Revival Corsa has a power-to-weight ratio comparable to a modern-day supercar.

Bizzarrini’s next well-funded step will be to continue the development of its future Redeemer hypercar, which is well-advanced according to the company.

Bizzarrini Redeemer Concept Sketch
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