Tesla Model S Track Pack unlocks 200mph
Tesla Model S Plaid Track Pack Unlocks 200MPH of Force And Fury
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You have to be seriously deluded and insane to consider maxing out at 200mph in your ultra-performance car on a public highway or any public road for that matter. There are far more important things to do in life… like… visiting Italy just to eat a real pizza. Perhaps eating a real pizza in downtown Rome isn’t your idea of living in reality, then what about buying the new Tesla Track Pack?

First, you’ll have to own a high-performance 1,020hp Tesla Model S Plaid. Secondly, you’ll have to have a spare $15,000-$20,000 just lying around. Chances are if you can afford Tesla’s ultra-performance Model S Plaid splashing $15K on a performance enhancement is no problem.

Tesla Model S Track Pack - Ceramic Brakes

So what is the Tesla Track Pack worth? Well, a computer geek will send an over-the-air software update and unlock a bit of extra performance from the Model S Plaid’s electric motor. The software will tell the electric motors it’s not OK to limit the top speed to 175mph anymore, 200mph is now the new normal.

The Track Pack will also include 20-inch forged aluminum wheels, carbon ceramic brakes, one-piece forged calipers with high-performance pads, track-ready tires and brake fluid, and new carbon-silicon carbide rotors. The visual accessories mask the multiple updates made by Tesla engineers.

The electric drivetrain has improved performance torque vectoring, stiffer settings for the air suspension and dampers, and improved battery conditioning with cool-down settings after a vigorous hot lap workout. The Tesla Model S Plaid Track Pack will be available to order in June.

Tesla Model S Track Pack unlocks 200mph
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