Max Verstappen issues quit threat over sprint qualifying format
Here’s Why Max Verstappen Will Not Walk Away From F1 After Quit Threat
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Max Verstappen has threatened to quit Formula 1 over proposed changes to the format of the Sprint Grand Prix weekend. Sprint qualifying was introduced in 2021 as a way to make F1 less boring to the producers of Drive To Survive. New changes are proposed to be implemented at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Basically, the new sprint race format, which is limited to seven races, will see two qualifying sessions on Friday and Saturday and a shorter race on Sunday.

One can understand why Max Verstappen is vexed at new proposals, he doesn’t like them. Yet he wants all teams to agree on settling the format sooner rather than later. Max is right to be aggrieved about the sudden rule flip which should have been settled before the season had begun. However, Verstappen will not be quitting F1 anytime soon.

Verstappen earns an estimated $40M per year, more after other endorsements and sponsorship deals. Although he could retire with immediate effect and be financially secure for the rest of his life, Verstappen has spent his entire life racing and wouldn’t want to exit F1 anytime soon. Max is simply using his influence to throw his toys out of his pram.

So, in summary, Max Verstappen will not walk away from F1 tomorrow, or the next day, next month or next season because if he did he would lose at least $400M in career earnings. Clickbait F1 story over, on to the next…

Max Verstappen issues quit threat over sprint qualifying format
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