You Will Not Believe What WhistlinDiesel Did To His Tesla Model 3!

WhistlinDiesel purchased a Tesla Model 3 and as with any latest acquisition to his growing fleet of semi-destroyed cars, the YouTuber from rural Indiana USA!-USA!-USA! hit the destruct button to test how durable the Model 3 is. In all honesty, WhistlinDiesel destroys anything… I mean… like anything such as cars, trucks, Ferraris, straw, trees, cement blocks, farm yard tools, maybe farm yard animals, buildings.

In his latest video, WhistlinDiesel takes things to another level by fitting 10ft metal spindle wheels to his Model 3 to find out if he can drive it upside down. WhistlinDiesel is certainly on a journey of discovery, maybe not to the levels of say, Einstein.

However, in defense of WhistlinDiesel, would Einstein ever have conceived of such an idea to fit giant metal spindle wheels on Tesla Model 3? Einstein never had the capacity to conjure up such a thought experiment and that places WhistlinDiesel in the territory of the super-genius.

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