WhistlinDiesel destroys a Ferrari F8 Tributo
WhistlinDiesel Bought An F8 Tributo To Destroy Just To Hack Off Ferrari

Destroyer of things (mainly cars or car-related) WhistlinDiesel has but one mission, to totally piss off Ferrari. We’re not talking about Ferrari fans, or the naturally unpleasant people from the Ferrari Owners Club, we’re talking about that Ferrari, the Ferrari of Maranello, Italy. According to WhistlinDiesel, Ferrari is very careful about how its owners should project the image of the Ferrari brand. This, if true, goes against the very essence of wanting to own a Ferrari because a Ferrari is flamboyant, a performance flamethrower, and very loud and proud about it.

But the finely tailored suits at Ferrari apparently send cease and desist letters to owners of Ferraris who upload distastefully driven content on the social media. This, if true, is social engineering by a corporate entity. Whenever or wherever fascism rises, a rebellion occurs and that revolution is precipitating into a gathering storm, its leader is WhistlinDiesel.

The YouTuber splashed out $400K on a 2020 Ferrari F8 Tributo, and he wants to drive it like a thug and destroy it, just to hack off the suits at Ferrari. Suffice it to say, WhistlinDiesel doesn’t mess around. I only want to know what his insurance company thinks of his YouTube antics.

As it turns out, the Ferrari F8 is rather good at off-roading.

WhistlinDiesel destroys a Ferrari F8 Tributo
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