Lotus Eletre EV SUV - Master Stance
The Intriguing Lotus Eletre EV SUV Enters The Retail Markets
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The Lotus Eletre is everything Lotus never was. Lotus was never about heavy SUVs because in its heyday Lotus was about pushing technologically advanced ideas to the limits. Lotus always upheld the philosophy of being lightweight, faster, and better. Sadly, the good times didn’t last as the company faced financial struggles. Despite this, the UK motoring media portrayed a positive image of the company, presenting an illusion of growth and success to prop up the company in deluded hope of generating sales.

Lotus Eletre EV SUV - Interior

In reality, Lotus had deteriorated to the point of being a living corpse, neither dead nor alive. Despite its slow decay, the UK motoring media continued to promote it as if it was embarking on a new journey with unlimited resources at its disposal. Geely, a Chinese multinational conglomerate, now owns Lotus and is responsible for putting the Britishness back into the brand.

Lotus Eletre EV SUV - Rear Stance

The Lotus Eletre is built in China using Chinese-developed EV technology. It is big, it is heavy, it is packed with features and it is powered by batteries, it is pure electric. The Eletre is the most advanced Lotus ever made. And it is one electric SUV other than the Tesla Model Y that has caught our attention.

The Lotus Eletre is on sale right now with prices starting at £89,000 here in the UK.

Lotus Eletre EV SUV - Master Stance
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