BMW 2002 Tii Alpina - Master Stance
Manhart Puts Dignity Back Into BMW With Latest Vintage Restomod
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In the annals of automotive history, we find a remarkable specimen: the BMW 2002. This iconic vehicle thrived for more than a decade, spanning the years 1966 to 1977. Its genesis occurred during a bygone and comparatively primitive era, long before the stringent regulations of the European Union ushered in an era of crash protection measures that have significantly impacted the aesthetics of contemporary automobiles. The BMW 2002 stands as a testament to the unbridled creativity and design freedom that once graced the world of automotive styling.

Jump ahead six decades, and the modern incarnation of BMW has grown, laden with the excesses of an unappealing design philosophy, forsaking elegance in favour of an ostentatious “impact” style. This BMW monster, submerged in its oil entrails crawls like an alien fish species from the deep seas from one rock to another.

Today, BMW’s allure has waned, concealed beneath the shroud of data-driven marketing strategies. The company seems to have lost touch with reality, and this disconnect is glaringly evident to all, except those who remain shielded behind the same marketing shroud. However, there exist individuals with independent thinking who are determined to salvage whatever shreds of dignity BMW still retains.

BMW 2002 Tii Alpina - Side Stance

Manhart has resurrected this vintage BMW 2002 tii to a state surpassing its former glory. In its heyday, the 2002 tii bore the signature touch of Alpina’s optimization, a legacy now rejuvenated and elevated to new heights by the skilled hands of Manhart Classic Cars.

BMW 2002 Tii Alpina - Engine Bay

Manhart took the original two-litre, four-cylinder in-line engine (with 130 hp and 178 Nm) and performed a transformative upgrade, pushing its power to an impressive 200+ hp and a robust 215 Nm of torque in a car that tips the scales at just about one ton. A custom-crafted Manhart exhaust system, delivered an extra surge of horsepower to reach that 200 hp mark.

BMW 2002 Tii Alpina - Interior

To counter the increased power with adequate stopping power Manhart upgraded the braking system. The suspension received a substantial enhancement with Raab coilover suspension, while a Wiechers strut brace was added to bolster the vehicle’s structural rigidity. Traction and handling were further optimized with the installation of 215/40R16 and 225/40R16 tires, mounted on authentic Alpina multi-spoke rims.

BMW 2002 Tii Alpina - Rear Stance

Another visual highlight is the decorative stripes and lettering of the characteristic Alpina decal set. It extends in light green and silver over the body, which is painted in the BMW colour Agave Green. The bright green of the accent lines on the body is also found in the interior: the seats have stripes in this colour as well as in blue.

The driver and co-pilot sit in sports seats by Scheel, which have been prepared by Manhart Classic Cars. The rear is rounded off by a Clubsport roll bar.

BMW 2002 Tii Alpina - Master Stance
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