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This is The New Bloody Awful Volkswagen Tiguan
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The previous-generation bloody awful Volkswagen Tiguan was undeniably lacklustre, unimpressive, and downright dreadful. And that’s before delving into the driving experience. A few years back, we had one on our long-term test fleet. Right from the start, its faux middle-class appeal left us feeling disheartened. The standard cloth interior was no different from bed-wetting material, indeed the overall interior quality fell below par. However, what truly highlighted the Tiguan’s abysmal nature was its driving performance.

While the media reviews appeared overwhelmingly positive, often earning a respectable 4-star rating, our personal experience was in stark contrast. The driving dynamics were nothing short of abysmal, deserving a mere zero-star rating. It left us wondering how this supposedly highly-rated car managed to pass the scrutiny of genuine motoring journalists when it so clearly fell short of its advertised attributes.

It seemed that, in their eagerness to maintain access to Volkswagen, the media was inclined to provide protective cover rather than deliver unbiased assessments.

And now, here it is, the all-new 2023 Volkswagen Tiguan. The design language leans towards a subdued sense of simplicity, bordering on the unremarkable. Much of the engine technology is a direct continuation of the previous generation, albeit with a handful of technical enhancements and the inclusion of a PHEV powertrain.

The interior features a stupid oversized media screen, positioned somewhat awkwardly, and the inclusion of a heads-up display, a first for Volkswagen. Nevertheless, heads-up display technology has been in existence for well over a decade, and here it appears to be merely repurposed and marketed as a fresh innovation for all of humanity.

Volkswagen says the new bloody awful Tiguan features improved interior quality with better materials. But you know by now I’ve heard it all before from VW. The same assertions were made about the previous generation, claims of superior interior quality and improved driving dynamics.

I don’t trust VW and when the inevitable media reviews roll in, I’ll approach them with scepticism, taking their assessments with not just a grain of salt, but a substantial dash of caution.

The New Bloody Awful Volkswagen Tiguan - Stance
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