2024 Aston Martin B-Spec - Master Stance
Aston Martin Reveals The Heavily Revised Vantage B-Spec
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The heavily upgraded Aston Martin Vantage has arrived, and Aston Martin’s marketing and sales department is in full spin mode, trying to portray it as a new car. However, it’s more akin to a B-Spec upgrade, with the engine housing bigger turbos, a few tweaks to the suspension geometry, exterior visual changes, and so on. Therefore, we’ll refer to it as the Vantage B-Spec. What hasn’t changed is the classic front-engine, rear-wheel drive configuration.

While we may be downplaying this upgrade, Aston Martin’s engineers have significantly boosted the total system power. The Vantage B-Spec now boasts an output of 665PS/800Nm from the Mercedes-sourced 4.0 V8 Twin Turbo engine while maintaining a 50:50 weight distribution.

2024 Aston Martin B-Spec - Interior Rear Stance

As expected, the Vantage B-Spec now incorporates the Aston Martin developed infotainment system that first debuted in the DB11-B.

2024 Aston Martin B-Spec - Interior

The chassis and suspension have received numerous tweaks and minor upgrades incorporating the very latest electronic stability systems to maximise performance.

2024 Aston Martin B-Spec - Interior Control Panel

Technical highlights include industry-leading Active Vehicle Dynamics, Bilstein DTX adaptive dampers, Electronic Rear Differential (E-diff) and AML specific 21” Michelin Pilot S 5 tyres

2024 Aston Martin B-Spec - Interior Stance

The Aston Martin Vantage B-Spec has a top speed of 202mph and sprints from 0-60mph in 3.4 seconds.

2024 Aston Martin B-Spec - Side Stance

Deliveries for the Aston Martin Vantage B-Spec are scheduled to begin Q2 2024.

2024 Aston Martin B-Spec - Master Stance
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