Pay $24,000 for a brand new BMW!
BMW Drops The Price of The 3 Series EV To $24,000… but only in China

Imagine purchasing a fully electric BMW 3 Series saloon in the UK or USA for just $24,000. Now, imagine it being larger, with a leather interior and rear air suspension as standard. However, this latter fantasy is currently a reality exclusive to Chinese buyers. The closest option for UK buyers looking for an electrified BMW is the 3 Series plug-in hybrid saloon, starting at £48,000.

The nearest fully electric equivalent to the Chinese electric 3 Series is the BMW i4, which starts at £60,000. Initially, the Chinese-made BMW 3 Series electric started at $48,000. However, due to intense competition, BMW is being pressured to lower prices.

This price war among car manufacturers demonstrates that capitalism can indeed be effective… even in communist China. Who would have thought? Any YouTube channel Telescope gives the bread and butter review.

Pay $24,000 for a brand new BMW!
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