The Porsche Panamera’s styling has been controversial since day one, many observed it to be bland and boring. Here at dailycarblog.com we love the Porsche Panamera we think its a real knock out ‘beaut’, hear...
By Jay Khan
July 4, 2014
Looking for a new car? Want a weekend racer? Got a spare circa £250,000 pounds of cash? Then why not buy this rare 2006 Ferrari Enzo Evoluzione FXX, its a factory pimped racer bred with...
By James Broughton
July 3, 2014
He was the face of the Transformer movie franchise and famously drove the ‘that’ yellow Chevy in said movie, he turned Indiana Jones into a laughing stock and has since gone on to turn his...
By James Broughton
July 2, 2014