Golden Ferrari 458 Italia Spider Is Fools Gold
Worst Car of the Week

If pictures really do speak louder than words then here is the “King” who lacked the Midas touch.

A Ferrari 458 is hardly a shrinking violet, just the sound of it revving will get its owner noticed if that’s what they want and any supercar worth its weight in ‘gold’ should be noticed.

Then some people take things too far, way too far, by customising the hell out their pride and joy. There is customisation and then there is customisation, this golden Ferrari is neither, its a spotlight on the mind melt suffered by its owner.

Then the owner makes another fatal error of judgement, wearing a £50.00 shirt in a £200,000 car, worse still he probably purchased said shirt in a discount store. When you own a £200,000 car you either wear a £5 T-shirt or a £200 tailored shirt, from Savile row.

Then the final ignominy is the owner giving an Abu Ghraib, American prison guard style, thumbs up. The streets of London, witness to bombings and terrorism, are now being terrorised by vanity.


Owner of the Golden Ferrari, kick boxing champion Riyadh Al Azzawi, you have the worst car of the week.

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