Porsche Panamera Long Wheel Debased
Worst Car of the Week
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again German auto brands feature quite regularly on WCOTW. And this time is no exception. But it isn’t a modified disaster gone hideously wrong, its just a new car release form Porsche. If you didn’t like the styling of the Panamera before then the new long-wheel-base is not going to change your view, admittedly the standard wheel base “grew” on us like an itchy beard, we got used to it and admired its dynamic prowess over the questionable styling. You see the problem with the Panamera isn’t the “Porsche-ness”, it isn’t the team of designers. The Panamera’s main problem is the design by committee culture which created it, the designers were mere pawns in a market driven need. The Panamera is designed to fit a niche consumer market segment, more headroom, legroom and god-damn elbow space. This is why the Porsche Panamera ended up looking like it does, you can also blame demographics, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and chart’s and graphs with perfect curves. The LWB Panamera was developed primarily to cater for the Chinese market, the Chinese like big cars, we don’t have a problem with that. Always listen to your market, the consumer is always right. Wrong. The real question is why would you need a longer wheel base Porsche? and if you do then use the Cayenne, don’t try to mask the Panamera’s well known styling deficiencies under the spotlight of a focus-group because the LWB Panamera is the result. Porsche you should have tried, for pity’s sake, you should have tried at least to make the Panamera more palatable to the eye. When Eiffel Tower was constructed the critics called it an eyesore but it went on to become France’s national treasure, Porsche Panamera you were never in style and now in LWB form you are the worst car of the week.  Panamera-Long-Wheel-Base
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