Mat Watson is a full time Clint Eastwood impersonator
Mat Watson Quits Carwow To Become Full Time Clint Eastwood Impersonator

Let’s face it Clint Eastwood isn’t getting any younger, the Cry Macho star is 91 years old now. Movie buffs need an Eastwood type figure for the next generation of cinema-goers. Sensing a changing of the guard, Mat Watson sensationally quit Carwow to become a full-time, bona fide Clint Eastwood impersonator. His primary concern, for the time being, is to work on the Brummie accent and convert it to a full American twang. Watson also wants to return to shopping at Tesco after the success of Carwow’s YouTube channel propelled him to Waitrose status.

Before he quit Carwow, Watson completed a review of the Mercedes AMG GT 63 an 800bhp+ plugin hybrid alpha male hollering vanity project. This is where Watson secretly perfected his Clint Eastwood facial expression. Carwow executives were caught totally unaware and are said to be in a state of shock at Watson’s sudden departure.

Legal disclaimer:

Mat Watson has not quit Carwow to pursue a new career as a Clint Eastwood impersonator. Carwow executives are not in a state of shock, about anything.

Fact Check:

This is a fake news story.

Mat Watson is a full time Clint Eastwood impersonator
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