Rivian R1S Review by Doug Review
De DeMuro Reveals The Quirks And Features of The Rivian R1S

Automotive nit-picking, rootin-tootin reviewer Doug DeMuro is reviewing the Rivian R1S. The R1S is an 800bhp+ AWD all-electric SUV with a claimed battery range of between 260-320 miles. The R1S is the second EV offered by Rivian, it follows very much in the footsteps of the R1T pickup truck. The R1S SUV has three seats as standard, but is it a Land Rover rival? Yes, why not says Doug DeMuro.

DeMuro takes his usual detailed look into all the quirks and features of the R1S, most buyers will love the third-row seats. A small number of potential buyers will like the 0-60mph time of 3.2 seconds. But speed isn’t everything in an electric SUV because range is everything.

Prices start at $85,000, but does the Rivian R1S have what it takes to take on the SUV establishment? DeMuro reckons the R1s has Tesla rivialing technology and is the best all round car he has ever tested.

Rivian R1S Review by Doug Review
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